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Why Corporate Wellness?


What is a Corporate Fitness Program? A Corporate Fitness Program is a joint initiative between Carmel Total Fitness and your company that will encourage your employees to begin a healthy lifestyle! By providing reduced membership rates, subsidized membership dues, or the convenience of payroll deduction employees are more likely to get fit and stay fit!

8 Reasons to Begin a Corporate Fitness Program with CTF

  1. Fit employees are less likely to get sick. A person who is physically fit is generally more resistant to the "bug going around" than a person who is not fit.

  2. Fit employees have more energy. One of the many benefits of regular exercise is increased and sustained energy throughout the day.

  3. Fit employees have more self-confidence. A fit and healthy individual tends to have a high level of self-confidence, because they have proven to themselves that they can accomplish what it takes to obtain a level of physical fitness.

  4. Fit employees inspire confidence. Any person, who maintains a high fitness level, tends to be a person in whom others have confidence.

  5. Fit employees tend to take on more leadership roles. Because of the many positive benefits of a lifestyle, a fit individual tends to make a good leader.

  6. Fit employees set and achieve goals. An employee with the proven ability to set aggressive goals, and then REALIZE those goals, is a valuable asset to any organization.

  7. Fit employees are less stressed. Regular exercise releases the physical AND emotional tensions that life brings our way, thus a fit employee tends to have lower overall stress levels than an employee who does not engage in regular exercise.

  8. Encouraging fitness demonstrates a concern for employee's well being, and pays off! Employees NOTICE when an employer shows concern for the health and well being of their employee base through a variety of wellness programs.

Interesting Facts

  • Approximately 129 Million U.S. Adults are overweight or obese which costs this Nation anywhere from $9 billion to $117 billion annually.
  • Motorola's Wellness Program saves the company $3.93 for every $1 invested.
  • Caterpillar's Healthy Balance program is projected to result in long-term savings of $700 million by 2015.
  • Johnson & Johnson Health & Wellness Program, which has produced average annual health care savings of $224.66 per employee.

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